Here you will find a list of the questions our visitors most frequently ask.
Should you desire to inquire about anything that is not on this list, feel free to do so. We will reply as soon as possible.




What is IREA-AII and when was it founded?

IREA-AII is a business enterprise that specializes in international real estate marketing through Internet. The enterprise started providing its services in the year 2000.
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Is IREA-AII an international real estate enterprise on the Internet?

IREA-AII´s portal network is a Network of real estate advertising websites franchises. These websites focus on the advertising of houses, apartments and all sorts of properties.


Is there a commission charged by IREA-AII when a property  is sold? If so, what is the commission percentage?

None of the IREA-AII webpages charge commission for any sale. In other words, there is no commission to be paid. The only fee to be paid is a small one for advertising during 12 months on all the 1122 websites. Only 40 Euros.
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When a property is advertised on the 1122 real estate websites, IREA-AII makes sure all potential buyers will contact the seller directly, without any third parties participation in the process.


Which services does the International Real Estate Alliance offer?

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Nowadays the majority of IREA-AII´s real estate portals are franchised, thus making it possible for an advertisement published on one site, to be published on all of the 1122 IREA-AII´s websites.


In which countries will the advertised properties on IREA-AII be seen?

Our 1122 websites cover the 180 countries of the world.
Amongst the website list we can highlight:

EstateAgents-Uk.info , PropertyExhibitionsUk. info

U.S.A and Canada:
MiamiRealEstateDirectory.info , Real-Estate-in-United-States.com

InmobiliariasMadrid.org , InmobiliariasBarcelona.org , ApartmentsCostadelSol.info

Nordic countries:
IREA-AII.com , National-Association-of-Estate-Agents.org


How many pictures will I be able to upload on my property’s ad?

You can upload up to 8 pictures for each property. You can change these pictures as many times as you want to.
Our system also automatically shows a satellite picture of the map location of the area where your property is situated. If you wish, you can also specify the exact location of your property.


How many changes am I allowed to make on the Ad once it is published?

You can make as many changes as you want to once your Ad is published. You will always have access to a user-friendly Control Panel where you will find all the tools to make updates and changes on pictures, details, etc.


What happens once the property is sold?

Once the property is sold, you can remove the Ad if you wish to do so.


What sort of information am I supposed to put on the Ad?

The Ad will show the following information:
Type of property: i.e. house, apartment, etc
Type of transaction: i.e. sale or rent.
Price: in Dollars, Euros or Pounds.
Location: Country, region, area and specific zone
Number of bedrooms in case this applies.
You will also be asked to add a description of the property you wish to sale or rent. We suggest you include the following details:
Property description, rooms measurements, state and condition of the property, location and zone description (many potential buyers might not know the zone where your property is situated, hence it is important to give a good description of the area’s characteristics and to mention the principal attractions you can find close to it: museums, theatres, malls, train stations, airports, etc – You can give them an idea of the distances by referring to “minutes by car” or “walking distance”).
It is very important to highlight the unique special qualities of your property. For example: a panoramic view, if it is close to the beach or close to a school, or to shopping centers.
You may also add a link to another webpage where the potential buyer can find more information about your real estate.


Which payment methods are available to pay for the service and how can I be sure they are secure?

Ads of properties belonging to individuals are paid for through credit card or PayPal.
For all advertising services involving a big amount of properties, bank transfer payments are accepted.
Credit card payments are secure thanks to 2Checkout.com (2CO.com 1785 O’Brien Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43228 | Copyright © 2010 2Checkout.com, Inc.), the world’s leader company in Internet payments, through which all IREA-AII´s payments are processed. This company offers the highest levels of security, in accordance to current European and North American norms.
We are often asked whether it is safe to make a payment through the Internet. The most important thing to remember if you doubt a webpage is to check if it starts with https before providing any credit card information. Https generally confirm that you are under a secure connection.
Our sites also count with an SSL certification. All transactions made through our sites are protected and encrypted with SSL 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. This has all been verified by Starfiel.
For all VISA Credit card payments, 2Checkout uses VISA´s protection program, called Verified by Visa. For MasterCard payments the system uses the MasterCard secure code.
In accordance to your bank’s norms, you might find yourself redirected to your bank’s webpage when making the payment. You might be asked for some information just to check that you are really wishing to make the transaction.
Since August 2001, 2Checkout has a BBB accreditation and an A+ qualification. More information >>
2Checkout is also certified by McAfee.
It is hence, 100% secure to make a payment through 2Checkout.


How do potential buyers see my Ad on the Internet?

All 1122 IREA-AII´s portals are very well positioned on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Your Ad can be accessed through any of the 1122 portals, it will be exposed during the 12 months of the service to MILLIONS of visitors.
Each portal has a search engine that enables all visitors to make searches by specifying location, type of property, price, etc. If these details match the ones of your property, the potential buyer will see your Ad with all the descriptions, pictures and your contact details (e-mail, telephone number, etc) through which they will contact you.


How can I get in touch with the potential buyers?

All potential buyers that visit our portals are able to see your contact details in your Ad. All details that you have added will be there: telephone number, e-mail, Skype, msn, etc. Consequently, potential buyers will get in touch with you first (not the other way round).


How can I advertise a property on IREA-AII´s 1122 portals?

In order to advertise on all the portals, you must follow the following steps:
1-Select the amount of properties you wish to advertise (30 secs)
2-Specify all contact information and property details (you may upload the pictures in this step or do so later, once the Ad is already published) (5 mins.)
3-Confirm the details (10 secs.)
4-Select a payment method (10 secs.)
5-Provide the details to enable the processing of the payment (2 minutes)


How long does the Ad take to be published on all the portals?

Once the service request is sent, it is manually checked for your security, and the payment is processed within the next 24 hours.
You will then receive a welcome email, informing you about the successful publishing of your Advertisement on the 1122 portals. In this same email, you will also receive a username and password that will enable you to make changes to your Ad.
The whole process might take from 2 to 24 hours.

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